Keep it Free
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to Digital Advertising
 Enhance and protect your digital estates with innovating technologies.

eep it Free provides and develops sophisticated technologies for publishers to deal with digital-obstacles that effect their daily business routine. Our first priority is to keep the internet free to consume by securing digital-advertising revenue channels from client-side threats and enhancing the publisher’s monetization capabilities.

Protect with SiteShield

Reclaim your revenue from client-side threats by bypassing and serving ads to Adblock users and eliminating malicious adware from infected users.

Deliver with Beryllium

Deliver, sell and manage your advertising inventory with ease using Beryllium ad-server: your eco-system, your rules.

Promote with Boron

Save time and ad-operation efforts by integrating ready to take off self-serve panel directly to your website for your advertisers.

Data centers
Monthly impressions saved
Protect your digital
estates with Siteshield
SiteShield protects your advertising revenue channels against client-side threats. Utilizing SiteShield keeps your website’s structure intact and as intended to ensure your user’s experience while maintaining revenue channels critical to your operations. How? From allowing you to continue to show ads to visitors using Adblock extensions while also stopping unwanted foreign Adware software.
Manage your traffic with BERYLLIUM
Beryllium is the ultimate ad-server for publishers, networks and agencies that cannot compromise from technology performance. Beryllium targeting variables include geography, technology, content, audiences and custom variables along with fast ad delivery to make sure both your advertisers are happy and your users browse your website more seamlessly than ever before.
What our clients say

We have told you about our technology, now let the industry pioneers tell you about our service.

Ben Johnston
Director of Media

We have been working with Keep it Free’s technological advertising solutions for a year and have found it as an indispensable new revenue stream for the sites we work with. Kif has helped us add value to our existing relationships while attracting new ones with their effective and safe product suite.

Do it.